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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Peel Off Comparison

Like I said before... Prep work (as in cleaning, sealing, and wax) must be done prior to plastidipping, because if not it will result in more labor in taking it off.

The Plastidip has been on the car for more than a month and been through many seasons during that time. Remember why I did this in the first place, it was because of the cold, icy snow seasons and it protected me from the sands. Also through super hot days you will see the results by watching the second video.

2 Videos, one is a non prep/sanded paint bumper vs a prep hood.

Unprep Bumper:

Prep hood:


  1. Pics aren't working for me.

  2. Oh sorry. It should be videos. YouTube is taking forever to publicize it. Hopefully it will be up by tomorrow.