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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Final Results Before I Took it Off

RKC Block Party In February.

And this is a real flat black painted widebody G35

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Peel Off Comparison

Like I said before... Prep work (as in cleaning, sealing, and wax) must be done prior to plastidipping, because if not it will result in more labor in taking it off.

The Plastidip has been on the car for more than a month and been through many seasons during that time. Remember why I did this in the first place, it was because of the cold, icy snow seasons and it protected me from the sands. Also through super hot days you will see the results by watching the second video.

2 Videos, one is a non prep/sanded paint bumper vs a prep hood.

Unprep Bumper:

Prep hood:

The Surface Comparison

The question everyone always ask is how does it feel.
Well the answer is quite complicated to answer unless you feel it in person.
Heres what I have to compare it with.

It feels just like the Black MacBook nice and smooth, not rubbery. And if you do feel like wiping the surface with a 2000 grit sand paper it turns into fine paint smooth. Just a quick light wipe will do the job.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Progress Day 5 - Side Skirts and Pillars

For all who asked how smooth it is and if there is a texture, I will post up later of a comparison for reference.
These skirts and pillers were painted and apparently it came out much more smoother than metal surface.
The picture of the skirt was taken when it was dirty so its completely smooth

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I just recently found out that if you spray plastidip onto an unprep location, when removing will give you a hard time.
I had a used sanded down nismo bumper that was not painted nor wax and seal, when I tried removing the dip, it was sticking to the bumper. So best prep work = easy to take of later.

Bad Area Removal - Rear Quarter Panel

I didn't get to take a picture of the peel off but I do have a picture of how clean it is after the peel off. Imagine you're stretching a plastic trash bag as wide as you can, thats how the material feels like and looks, hence Plastidip. Completely untouched after peel off, I need to clean off the edges though as you can see there are some left overs.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Progress Day 4 - Quarter Panels

I decided to spray in the cold around 50-60 degrees after the DFW blizzard hit and the plastidip had still drip so I peeled it after a week or so with it on and no sticking nor messing up the original paint in any way. Peeling it just feels like a plastic trash back coming off all at once. Original Paint is smooth as a baby's bottom.

Progress Day 3 - Doors/Mirrors

Basically each panel is one (1) can.

Progress Day 2 - Fenders

Progress Day 1

Hood painted
Used 1 and a 1/2 cans.

Prep Work

Wash, clean, dry, Clay, seal, wax.
Since I had to take apart the whole car, I figure it was a good time to plastidip the car.

And also since I will be using the aerosol I had to cover up the entire car to prevent overspray (main thing that causes roughness). I spray each panel one by one.


I recently got bored and lost a bet into doing this at the end of January.
As I was always the one that disagrees with the color flat black because its hard to take care of. I know that everyones going to bash on this but if they can't tell its plastidip, its a custom paintjob which looks and feels smooth, also it e protected me from the recent ice storm we encountered in the DFW and the after sandy roads. At least it will be known as the first plastidip G35.
It is proven to not peel/rip off original paint as I have peeled it off myself before.
And btw someone sponsored me to plastidip this, so all cans were donated.