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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Progress Day 5 - Side Skirts and Pillars

For all who asked how smooth it is and if there is a texture, I will post up later of a comparison for reference.
These skirts and pillers were painted and apparently it came out much more smoother than metal surface.
The picture of the skirt was taken when it was dirty so its completely smooth


  1. Nice job, saw this post on and wanted to say that I plan on doing this to my 1962 Lincoln Continental! My main question is if you will spray a matte clear coat? I did my G37's wheels and then applied 4 coats of matte clear coat to protect and it's worked great!

    Keep us updated!

  2. This is brilliant. I am going to do this to my 2003 Tiburon as soon as the weather warms up.

  3. Thanks Mr. Hate, yes the clear actually acts as a glue for the dip when pealing off, it stays in one piece. So no rips will occur which it shouldn't if you did a good job with the coats.

    Bblackmoor, yes especially do it when it's 80+ degrees and make sure you can feel that your car is warm. When my g35's body was cold in 70-80 degrees it still dripped. The best method I found to have the best smoothness is to soak the spray can in hot water, not necessarily boiling. Hmwhat it does is spray the paint in less dense thickness so therefore really smooth. I noticed that if I don't the spray has a thicker paint. This is the disadvantage of aerosol. But there's ways around.

  4. I live in Dfw too. My question is how many coats did you apply in the given areas. Also how long did you. Let it dry between coats. And last but not least... what clear matte finish are you referring too? The plasti dip clear?... thanks eric

  5. I did it my way due to trial and error, I learned best that plastidip will look good with one even spray, if you do coats it will look bad and not smooth. My way is to spray a little for first coat so that it has some adhesion to the paint surface then put on a full layer like a minute later, a full layer looks like its wet and even throughout the surface.
    Any clear will harden the plastidip if you get the plastidip clear it will work best.

  6. Very cool. Yeah im doing my Acura tsx. I've already done my chrome window trim and grill and badges. I used about five thin coats. And it worked wonderfully. Ganna do my fading trunk lid and roof today. So question.... one good coat held up for you really? I mean I know the can says 3-4. But that's what I did for anal spots. I haven't done anything bigger than my grill yet.... im afraid a base coat and a heavy top coat. Wouldn't be enough to hold up here in TX. I could be is ur car still dipped? How. Long did it last in tx with your application? Eric

  7. for my rims it lasted me since September and lately broke one rim so I bought a new one and just decided to strip it all and repaint them... One light base and one heavy coat that you know will be thick enough will hold it... If you look at my latest take off video the plastidip looks like a trash bag, and it is thicker than any ordinary trash bag too so it be fine.